Parents relax or join in, kids have fun, explore and create! Bec Saunders is a qualified Art teacher, who loves seeing kids explore art and nature using a variety of materials and techniques.

Every child deserves to be creative, explore their own ideas, seek and find themselves through adventure, jumping, running, playing, getting messy and connecting with other kid in a fun and stimulating environment!

Passion Art Playgroups provide a highly enriched, creative, sensory, chil led and outdoor play environment for families to connect and meet weekly.

We want kids to create, make, explore and respond in a safe and fun space!
We expose them to new art techniques such as tie dye, printing, ceramics, sculpture, painting, drawing, nature play and textiles!
Every child will feel part of a community and have a strong sense of belonging.
There will be so many games, dancing and treasure hunts too!

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Passion Art Explorer Playgroups