Unicorn/Fairy/Mermaid Party

From: $515.00

2 hours of caravan fun!

We travel to you and do it all for you!

You get to choose any of these art tasks…

3-8 year olds-

  • Unicorn/Fairy/Mermaid/Troll Plaster Painting

7-12 year olds-

  • Swirly and Funky Tie Dyed or Stencilled Bags, Aprons or Scarves

8-12 year olds-

  • Dream Catchers or Beaded Bracelets

Plus all of this:

  • PDF invitations sent to you
  • Glitter face art for every child
  • Dress up photo shoot/selfies
  • Hairspray for all kids
  • Musical statues with a lucky dip prize
  • A treasure hunt with a lucky dip prize
  • A drawing game with a lucky dip prize
  • Pin the cherry on the ice cream
  • Karaoke singing and dancing
  • A mini cupcake for every child
  • A fairy sticker for every child
  • Fairy bread, popcorn, lollies and cordial/water
  • Showbags for every child- includes 3 items, a mini maker art supply, a lolly and a toy
  • A collaborative birthday present artwork created by the group for the birthday child (either a bag or a canvas)

This package is based on 14 children, it’s $10 per extra child after 14.

TOTAL: $580.00

*Please note games can be altered to suit your child’s needs. Alternate games include, pass the parcel, pin the cherry on the ice cream, secret hidden letters and numbers game or the bucket game.