All programs are linked to the Victorian Curriculum.

Passion Art Parties has a variety of exciting art tasks you can choose from:

We can run workshops for up to 15 kids at a time. However, if there are larger groups we can run 2 or 3 sessions over the course of the day.

The workshops are $10-15 per child and the workshops usually go for 1-1.5 hours.

Here are some ideas for workshops we run in schools and kindergartens, however, we can also create tasks for you if you have a theme or concept you’re wanting to explore through art!

Current workshops:

1. Ages 3+ Plaster fun! Kids get to see how plaster moulds are created and learn to mix their own plaster mix. They will then have a go at painting their own plaster creation, which they get to take home with them. There are minions, fairies, lego men, unicorns, princesses and more. If you have a specific theme we can also make plaster pieces based on your chosen theme.

2. Ages 3+ Wacky, colourful and wild stencilled aprons/bags or cushion covers! Children will get to choose from over 80 stencils, and learn the process of design, they will learn about colour, positioning of shapes, blending tones, creating texture, and explore their creative talent through the use of stencils. This can be connected to a theme the children are studying, such as nature, animals, transport etc. They will use paint to stencil their own wacky creations. Every child will take home their creative piece.

3. Ages 4+ Ceramic fairy garden ornaments. Children will create their own fairy ?‍♂ ornaments and collect things from the garden. Each child will make their fairy house in the workshop too, and get to take it home with them.

4. Ages 7+ Lino carving: children will carve their own lino, relating to a theme of your choice. Children will then learn to ink up their lino and be shown different printing processes. They will also learn how to draw onto lino and carve their creation. This is messy, but so much fun! Children will also stamp their lino onto a bag, apron or tea towel and get to take it home.

5. Ages 4+ Marbling techniques and monprinting: children will learn the technique of monoprinting and marbling! Marbling involves using coloured inks in water, creating their own patterns, then they get to print their patterns into paper. Monoprinting involves painting onto a sheet of plastic, using creative images and printing their design onto paper. This workshop is highly creative and really excites the children! You can choose your theme with this task too.

6. Ages 7+ Fashion Design Task: children will design their own fashionable outfit using a mannequin, fabric, glue and special ornaments. They will learn the process of design and how to use fabric in a variety of different ways.

If you have a specific task that you would love to try, we also have many more unique options that we can tailor to suit your needs. We would love to chat about something new that you would love to explore with your class or group of children.

Please call Bec on: 0409 862 605